Teaching Groups

ScholarPack allows the user to create unique teaching groups for the school and give a brief description of each one. These are linked to teaching classes.

For more information on Classes please refer to:

Setup Classes for Teacher Assessments

The groups are combined with a year to give a unique group (e.g. 7N), they can also be the same as the forms which have been set up in the Forms tab.

To set these up go to Admin > Config > Core Setup > Groups

To create a group fill in the Abbreviation and Description fields and click the Add Group button to add a new group.

If you want the groups to be the same as the forms, you can click on the button Auto fill from form groups/pastoral groups. You will see this directly above the groups table.

You can click on Edit to make an amendment, then click Update. 

Please note: Deleting a group once a class structure has been created may affect the functionality.

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