Student Profile - Confidential Tab

The Confidential tab is where you can record additional student information which may be confidential or of sensitive nature such as confidential documents, details on Child Protection Plans (CP) or information regarding the student being classed as 'in care' under a Local Authority. 

Student Profile > Confidential (Tab)


Due to the information contained here, this tab is only visible to staff who have been given the Child Protection Officer (CPO) user role.

Only staff with the CPO user role will be able to add information here and view information here.


1. In Care

This area is for recording when a student is in care of the local authority and classed as 'Looked after' or in foster care.


2. Child Protection Plans

Some students may have involvement with Children's Services and have a Child Protection Plan. Details of this plan can be recorded here.


3. Confidential Support Log

This area is ideal for entering confidential notes that need to be recorded for the student.


4. Personal Profile (Confidential Version)

This is the same as the personal profile in the Support tab, but confidential.  You can record a students strengths, weaknesses, Interests and strategies.


5. Confidential Documents

Upload documents that may be of sensitive or confidential nature.

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