Year End Step 1 - Introduction and Preparing for Year End


The 'Introduction' step allows you to do the prep work for Year End such as setting up year and form groups ready for next academic year, as well as destination schools.

This can be completed before the last day of term and will save you time when you come to complete the full process.  

Each of the three headings in the a blue box can be clicked, which will open further guidance on the right hand side.

Read through the Documentation

Provides you with a link to our Help Centre and this guidance document.

Prepare for Year End Now


Once you click this it will show a number of areas on the right within ScholarPack that can be used as a checklist to prepare for the Year End process. 

Clicking on 'Click here' for each item will take you to the area of the software to complete the process. Further information on each of these are detailed in the guidance below. 

Completing these steps now will speed up the process during Steps 2-6 on the last day of term..

The school year is over, why can't I start Year End?

If you have reached the end of the academic year but you do not have access to the 'Start' button, then you may have set your Year End date incorrectly.

Click on the 'Click here' link and it will take you to the School Details table where you can click Edit to update the Year End date - This needs to be the last day students are in attendance. 



Completing the steps

1. See Register Gaps (excluding Nursery)

register gaps.png

We have set up the year end process to ignore any register gaps for students who are not of statutory school age (Nursery). 

This means you only need to consider any register gaps for students in year Reception and above. Clicking 'Click here' for this item will also take you to the Gaps in Register by Date report.

The two switches along the top of this report can be clicked to either include or exclude Nursery students, and either show Gaps or show N codes. 

gaps in register.png

Clicking on a red circle will inform you of the year group this gap applies to, and then a Fix Gap link to the Manage Register area to enter attendance codes.

fix register gaps.png

2. See any N Codes

Check for N codes by clicking the 'Click here' link next to this item, which takes you to the Gaps in Register by Date Report (Also found via Reporting > Reports > Attendance > Gaps in Register by Date) which shows any students who have any N codes.

NOTE: You can proceed with archiving your attendance data with N codes however it is highly recommended you replace them so your data is accurate.

Click on a blue circle and it will inform you which year group the N codes apply to, and provide a direct link to the codes in Manage Register.

fix n codes.png

You could also check this further by running the Gaps in Register by Student report found via Reporting > Reports > Attendance (tab).

Select to include current and former students, and view all students and the date of any gaps in register if present.  

By clicking onto the period of missing codes this will take you to Manage Register to fill in the code.

Please note it is not required to fill in gaps for Nursery students. If you cannot find the student with the gap, please ensure the 'show former students' box is ticked (and click View Register again to refresh the view). 

gaps in register by student.jpg


3. Create Destination Schools

Clicking this link will take you to Admin > Config > Destination School Setup where you can create a list of the destination schools in your area.

For more information on this area please refer to:

Destination School Setup


4. Assign a Destination School to each Leaver

Clicking this link will take you to the Group Updater (also found via Admin > Students > Group Updater) where you can allocate a destination school to each leaver by setting the student attribute to 'Destination School'.  

You can also set leaving dates in bulk here by changing the student attribute to 'Date of leaving'.

For more information on this area please refer to: Assign Destination Schools to Leavers

destination school.png


5. Create New Form Groups for September

If the names of your form groups will be changing in September you will need to create new ones before assigning students to them.  Clicking this link will take you to the Core Setup area within Scholarpack (Also found via Admin > Config > Core set up > Forms).

For further guidance on this area please refer to: Form Groups - Add, Edit and Delete

DO NOT edit the existing form names yet as these will be required up until the end of the year.  

Ensure no Forms have the same abbreviation or description.

You cannot delete a form if you have any current students assigned to that form.  Forms that have no students allocated to them are highlighted in grey and have the delete option available.

If your Form names are NOT changing

You can move on to assigning students to their new Forms for September, but before you do this we recommend running the Current Form Groups report (found via Reporting > Reports > Students tab)

Split the report by Form to get a list of students and which forms they are in currently and export this so you can refer to it if needed.
split report by form.png



6. Assign a new Year for September to current students (Optional)

This is only necessary for students who may be repeating a year group, to ensure they do not get rolled up one academic year with Year End.

The Year End process within ScholarPack will automatically promote students up one year if the new year for September field is left blank.

Clicking this link and it will take you to the Group Updater (also found via Admin > Students > Group Updater) where you can change the student attribute to 'New Year for September'.

new year in group updater.png


7. Assign a New Form for September for your current students

Clicking this link will take you to the Group Updater (also found via Admin > Students > Group Updater) where you can change the student attribute to 'New Form for September'.

For further information on this area, please refer to the following guidance: Assign New Form Groups for September


8. Download or print Conduct Reports

This will take you to the conduct reports area (also found via Reporting > Reports > Conduct), if you wish to check or print out the information for reference.


9. Check Admission status and entry dates

For new students at the school (admissions students) to appear in ScholarPack on their entry date, you will need to set their admission status to enrolled.

Follow these instructions if you need to add your admissions, and recorded their statuses correctly: Add New Admissions Students to ScholarPack

The admissions module of ScholarPack can be found via Admin > Students > Admissions

Here you can assign a status to each individual student or select 'bulk update admissions' to allocate a status to a group of children simultaneously using the Group Updater.

bulk update admissions.png


10. View Future Form Groups

If you have completed the sections above for 'New Year for September' and 'New Form for September' you can view a future class list by clicking on this link which will take you to the Next Years Form Groups report (also found via Reporting > Reports > Students).

Remember to include Future as well as Current students.

future form groups.png


11. View Current from Groups

This will take you to the Current Form Groups report (also found via Reporting > Reports > Students > Current Form Groups), if you wish to check or print out the information for reference.



Formative Assessments

If you use Formative Assessments, make sure you've input all your formative assessment data prior to completing Year End. You will not be able to retrospectively enter formative marks once you are set up for the new academic year.

You can see how to mark these here: Recording Formative Statement Assessment Data

Summative and Custom Assessment marks (STEPS Assessment)

Please ensure that all Teachers have entered all Summative and Custom Assessment data via My Subjects before the Year End process is complete. 

  • Summative data can only be added after Year End via Admin > Students > Assessment Checkpoints - you can see how to do this here: How can I enter Summative marks for previous years?
  • Once the Year End has been finalised, it is not possible to enter Custom Assessment data. 


When should we create clubs?

It is best to make your new September clubs in the first days back, preferably the in-service days, as producing them before Year End will archive them.


Starting Year End


If you are happy that you have completed as much of the preparation above as needed, then you can click the Start button which will appear on the last day of the academic year (This is setup in Admin > Config > Core Setup > Holidays).  You cannot start the full year end process until you have reached the last day of term.  



There will be a warning message to ensure that all attendance data for the last day has been recorded.

check year end.png

The 'Click here' feature will take you to the Manage Register of ScholarPack with the last day of term date set.  

All you will need to do is select 'view register' leaving the Year/Form selectors blank and you will see the entire school and be able to confirm if the attendance data has been entered.


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