Year End Step 5 - Promote Students up a Year

This section is split into Mandatory, Recommended and Optional items. Keep in mind that you have now promoted all your students up a Year group, so if they were year 6 they are now year 7's. 

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You may have already completed some of these processes as part of Step 1.

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Mandatory Steps

1. Create new Form Groups for September  

If you did not complete this step in Step 1, you can do this now or you can wait until Year End has been completed fully then sort your Forms.



2. Assign a New Form for September for your current students

If you haven't already done this in Step 1, you may wish to assign students to their new form group by clicking on this link which will take you through to the Group Updater (also found via Admin > Students > Group Updater) where you can change the student attribute to 'New Form for September'.

If you do not assign a 'New Form for September' then the student will remain in the same form group next academic year.


3. View Future Form Groups Report

Printing the Future Form Groups report will allow you to check that you have placed the students in the correct forms for the new academic year.  

The link will take you to the Next Year's Form Groups report (also found via Reporting > Reports > Students).

It is advised to include Future as well as Current students and to split by Year & Form if you have multiple forms per year group.

Check the Year and Form is correct for all students to ensure registers are accurate in September. 

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Recommended Steps

1. Assign a New Year for September for your current students

This is only necessary for students who may be repeating a year group, to ensure they do not get rolled up one academic year with Year End.

The Year End process within Scholarpack will automatically promote students up one year if the new year for September field is left blank.

Clicking this link will take you to the Group Updater (also found via Admin > Students > Group Updater) where you can change the student attribute to 'New Year for September'.

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2. Check admission status and entry dates

You may wish to update the admissions status and entry date for your admissions students.

Clicking on the link will take you through to the admissions module (Also found via Admin > Student > Admissions).

Here you can assign an admissions status to each student and update their entry dates by clicking 'bulk update admissions' or changing the data individually.

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Optional Step

1. Assign Tutors to New Form Groups

This will allow you to update the teachers and their associated form groups.  If nothing has changed then you do not need to alter anything.

You may opt to assign Tutors after your have completed Year End.  To allocate a tutor to a form then go to Admin > Config > Tutors. 


What's next?

Once you are happy with everything you can click the Promote Students button which will take you to Step 6 - Set up new year.

Make sure with students moving from Early Years into Key Stage you check any fields such as "Class Type" or Part Time" on their Student Profile's Extended Tabs, as these do not change automatically. 

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