How to change the permissions for a student contact

If a contact is not appearing in the comms area, not pulling through to an API, or not showing in the A5 Index Cards report, this is most likely down to the permission settings on the contact entry.

Top Tip: Make sure you have added the contact: How to add contacts to a student profile or Add a Doctor as a contact to the student profile

Setting in bulk:

It is not possible to set these values in bulk, they need to be done for each contact individually. If the same contact is linked to more than one student profile, changing the permissions on one profile will not change the contact's settings on the other.


User Roles:

To edit the contacts on a student profile, you will need at least the Student Admin user role or a higher level of Admin access. If you only have the Junior Admin user role, you will not be able to edit student data.


Find a contact's permission settings

Navigate to the student's profile via the search dropdown in the top right of your ScholarPack site. Click on the contact entry to expand the contact you need to adjust, and then click the cog that appears next to their name. This will bring up a pop-up displaying all the information for this contact.




Responsibility and Permission to Take Home

These dropdown fields require a value entered (either Yes or No) for the contact to pull through correctly. If left blank, the contact will not show in some reports and areas of ScholarPack. Choose the desired value from the dropdown and click Save to save your changes.


Please note:

If a contact has Permission to Take Home set to No, they will not pull through on the A5 Index Cards report.


Allow Contact By...

These dropdown fields determine whether a contact has permission to receive different types of comms, and should be filled out with a Yes or No value. Contact by 3rd parties will also determine whether a contact pulls through to an API (for more details, click here). Choose the desired value of Yes or No from the dropdown and click Save to save your changes.


If a contact has a comms method set to No, they will appear in the comms area with a line through the relevant information.

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