Managing separated parent families in ScholarPack

In the article below, we take a look at the key things to bear in mind to make managing guardians who are split up in ScholarPack easier.

Adding both addresses to students

You can record an alternate address for a student from the student's profile. Click on the cog next to Address area.

student address.png


In the Editing Student Address box that pops up, click the Add Alternate Address button.

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When adding the new address, you can search for the full address just by postcode, or you can enter all of the details manually by clicking Skip.

Before saving the new address, you may wish to check whether the new address needs to be copied over to any linked siblings. Use the sibling tick boxes at the bottom of the interface, if so. Click Save when you're happy with all of the details.

copy to siblings.png


When saved, you will be retuned to the Student Profile overview. Click on the Address cog again to see both addresses are now saved for the student.

Note that you can now:

  • edit both addresses
  • switch the current (primary) and alternate addresses around (and do the same for any linked siblings using the tick boxes below the button)
  • delete the alternate address.
  • hide any previous addresses.

see both addresses.png


Sending Comms

If parents are separated, you may wish to either:

  • send communications to just one parent - where one parent has a lower contact order number than 1
  • send out to all contacts

Send to all contacts with Parental Responsibility

To ensure a comms message will go out to all parents, you can choose to send to all contacts with Parental Responsibility. To select this, go to Admin > Comms, and check the tick box next to it.


This will pull through all contacts with Responsibility set to Yes on their contact entries.

You can then send your message out as you normally would. For further guidance on sending a comms message, please click here.

Before sending

Check that the message doesn't contain private or sensitive information that shouldn't be sent out to certain contacts. Even if a contact has parental responsibility, there may well be information they should not receive or are not allowed to know about a student. You will need to be mindful of this and check your contact list and message content before sending.


Check which contacts have Responsibility set to yes

To check which parents will pull through, you can use the All Contacts by Student report, and filter the Responsibility column by typing Yes  in the white filter box and pressing enter. For further guidance on this report, please click here.



Set a contact's Parental Responsibility to yes

To set a contact's Responsibility, navigate to the student profile by searching their name in the top right of your ScholarPack. Click the cog next to their name, and select 'Yes' from the dropdown next to Responsibility. Then click Save to save the change.



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