Reporting on EYFS Statements

Below is a list of Assessment Reports that analyse ScholarPack EYFS Statements. Please click on the report name to find out more information. 



Report Name  Attainment  Progress Targets  By Student By Cohort Graphical
EYO Class Statements            
EYO Student Statements        


Early Years Outcome Class Statements

This report shows the Early Years Outcome for each student by development area (e.g. Listening and Attention). The students that are displayed in the report are defined by the filters you choose.



Upon clicking choose a table will be displayed. The report will show the statements for the year and development area chosen (e.g. Year 0/Reception, Understanding), and the outcome for each student.

The first column shows the statement and the second column shows the month band to which the statement pertains. The remaining four columns contain the students' names and reflect the outcome. For example if a student is developing for the statement Listens to stories with increasing attention and recall then their name will appear in the developing column for that statement.


To view a students profile click on their name and it will open in a new tab.

This report can be exported in excel, word or pdf and also printed. Please look to the top right corner of the screen for the following icons - .




EYO Student Statements

This report will allow you to view a list of all possible statements by subject area (e.g. Communication and Language), and show the attainment for a chosen student against each statement (i.e. Emerging, Developing and Secure).

Upon loading the report, you will be presented with a list of filters for refining the list of students you wish to see at the next stage. For an overview of these filters please see the new filters area.

Upon clicking choose you will be given a dropdown list to pick a student from. This list will only show students based upon the filters you have chosen previously. If you wish to change the filters click the button to show the filters again, and then press choose to re-define your students list.

Once you have chosen a student a table of statements will appear. Each column represents an area of the selected subject (e.g. Listening and Attention for Communication and Language). To choose which subject you wish to view statements for click the respective blue button on the left side of the screen.

If the student has a score saved against a statement, then a bar will appear displaying their current attainment and the date the score was recorded in the formative markbook. At the bottom of the cell the month band is shown that the statement is associated with.

This report is a great way to see early learning outcomes for an individual student.

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