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Register Setup

Admin > Config > Register Config

You can configure the classroom register to record different elements of information. When selecting Register Setup you will be presented with the options to configure what you would like to see on the registers.

The Edit function will allow you to be able to select yes or no for Meals, By Form, By Class, Complex Register, Show Aspects, Show Notes, Show % Attendance, Clubs and Negative Register.

Please note: Registers for students are taken in Home > Register.


When you select yes for the Meals option, an additional column will be added to the classroom register. This will allow the teacher to record each student's meal selection on a daily basis.

By Form

When By Form is selected to a yes, a drop down will appear allowing the teachers to take the register for the form of their choice.


By Class

When By Class is selected to a yes, a drop down will appear allowing the teachers to take the register for a class of their choice.

Complex Reg

Normally, the teachers are limited to only 4 registration codes (Present, Absent, Late or Early Years). However, if you wish, when selecting yes for the Complex Reg, the teachers will be able to choose any of the DfE registration codes. Simply click on the More Codes to access the entire range of attendance codes. 

By Aspects

This allows you to see whether a student is eligible for FSM (F) . has EAL (E), is SEN (S) or Pupil Premium (P).  These will appear on the register if Aspects is selected as Yes.


By Notes

This allows you to hide any register notes in case there is a confidentiality issue.


Show Attendance %

This allows you to hide attendance figures from the register.


Negative Register

This allows you to have a completely unmarked Register so that every attendance code must be manually entered.  You will not be able to submit the register if any of the students do not have an attendance code selected.


If you select No for the negative Register, the Register will be pre-populated as if all the students are present this can then be changed if anyone is absent.




This will be a read only column that will allow the member of staff taking the register to see the clubs each student is enrolled in.  It will also notify you if a club has been cancelled.

Show Y codes

This will give the teachers the option to select the Y code but only the Y code.

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