How to change a meal price for a group of students

Changing the cost of a meal option will change the cost for all students the meal is available for.

If you want to set up alternative costings for the same meal type, you'll need to set up multiples of the same meal and make it available to different year groups.

Please note, you will need to ensure the meal option names are different if you choose to do this, as the system will not allow you to save meal options with identical names.


Change the cost of a meal

Head to Admin > Meals > Set Up Meal Types


Locate the meal you wish to change the pricing on and click edit.


At the bottom of the pop up, enter the new price of the meal in the white box next to Cost and change the date if this was a previous change in price.

Click Update to save the new price.


Third Party Meals

If you use an API to manage meal payments for parents, please consult with your API provider if you have any questions as to how a change in ScholarPack will be reflected in your API.


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