Can we delete emails and SMS?

It isn't possible to delete sent sms and emails from the system once they've been sent.

We advise double checking the content of all comms messages before they are sent out.

Checking the Contact List

Ensure you have the correct contacts selected. You can de-select any members of a group by clicking on the cross with the red background.

Screenshot 2023-08-24 at 12.12.17.png


SMS preview

The sms has a preview function to help you check the contents before committing to send. Select a student's name from the dropdown to see how the message will appear to their contacts.


Checking content

Emails don't have the same preview function as SMS, but we recommend checking spelling, grammar and content before committing to send. We also recommend checking the correct attachments have been added before sending, as it is not possible to view an attachment after an email has been sent. If you're sending a mass email, make sure the attachment is suitable for all selected contacts and doesn't give out unnecessary personal data.


Deleting manual entries

The only deletion options available are for manual entries recorded on the comms log on an individual student profile. These are manual entries made by staff to record communication made outside of ScholarPack. This article has more details on the differences between manual records, and system records.


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