How to prevent and fix duplicate student records

Once a duplicate student profile has been created, the only way to remove it is to delete it - it cannot be merged into an existing profile.

If you have created a temporary profile for a student before receiving their CTF, please ensure their full name and UPN are added to the temporary profile before importing the file, as the Importer matches UPNs as its primary method of looking for existing profiles.

If this is a former student who is returning, or you suspect they might be, we advise looking at your off-roll students first to check for an existing profile.


Preventing duplicates

Checking if they're a returning student

Head to Admin > Students > Search not on roll 



To search for an individual, type their name into the Student dropdown box and press choose.

If you're searching for students in bulk, for example checking your Reception admissions list for any previous Nursery attendees, set the Limit Results to dropdown to All students and press choose.

This will give you a list of all off-roll students. You can then quickly search the names of students from your list via the white filter boxes in the First name and Surname columns.


Once you've found a potential match, check the UPN and Date of birth to ensure they match the information you have. If you're sure they're a match and this is a returning student, you can click reinstate.

If you are still unsure (for example, no UPN is present, or the DOB is incorrect), click profile to head into the student's profile where you can check their other details to determine if they're a match. If this is a profile for the student, but some of the details are wrong, you can correct them here before importing their CTF.

Screenshot 2023-08-24 at 13.37.44.png


When you click reinstate the following pop-up will appear, and the student's entry date will be set to today. Their previous attendance period and enrolment details will be available from School History on the Ancillary Tab and  Attendance History  on the Attendance Tab.


Importing the CTF for returning students

Once your ex-student has been reinstated, you can proceed to import their ctf as you would normally. After uploading the file, the Action at the end of their table should display the Merge option. Tick any of the options from A-K that you require.

Important note:

Make sure to click Merge before clicking Finish Import, otherwise it will not import information for that student.



Importing CTF for a new student with a temporary profile

Sometimes you may have set up a profile for a new student before receiving the CTF from their previous school. When you receive their CTF, it's important to ensure it will merge with the existing profile you've set up instead of creating a new one.

Head to the Full ATF/CTF Importer, and begin importing their ctf. Once you have uploaded the file, check that the Action at the end of the table reads Merge. If it reads Import, this means that the system hasn't matched with the existing profile.

This is likely due to the fact the temporary profile may be missing key information, such as the UPN. Copy and paste the UPN from the UPN in CTF field, and head to the existing profile you've set up.

Enter the UPN in the extended tab (click here for guidance if you have allocated a temporary UPN), and save. Ensure the student's name is exactly the same as it is in the CTF, and head back to the CTF Importer.

Click Continue importing students and it will take you back to the correct CTF. It should now read UPN matched in ScholarPack, with the option to Merge.

Screenshot 2023-08-24 at 14.02.52.png


Removing a duplicate student record

If you have inadvertently created a duplicate record, you'll need to delete one of the duplicates. We recommend keeping whichever profile is more complete - if it's for an ex-student, this will likely be the previous profile. If it's for a new student, this will likely be the profile created by CTF Import, rather than the one the temporary one.

If this is a duplication that has been undetected for some time, there may well be valuable data on both.

Regardless of how the duplication has occurred, you'll need to check each area of both profiles carefully to determine which one you wish to keep - once a profile has been deleted, we cannot retrieve it.

Managing the Data

Important note:

Before deleting anything, please make sure to manually copy over any needed attendance and assessment data, notes, comms history, contacts or any other data to the profile you wish to keep. The information is not retrievable.

Once all the needed data has been copied over to the profile you wish to keep, head back to the profile you want to delete.

If there is attendance or assessment data present on the profile, you will need to remove this before the system allows you to delete the profile.

Removing Attendance Data

Click on the Attendance tab, and then the Manage Register link under the Weekly Breakdown heading.


Add the date range for the codes you need to remove and click View Register. Complete the sum, and click Remove displayed codes. Repeat this with any other date ranges as needed.


Removing Assessment Data

Any assessment data that has been manually added for a student can be removed via the relevant modules chosen from the dropdown in Admin > Students > Statutory Assessments.

If the data is not available for removal via this module, you will need to contact your Support Team:

  • If your school is supported by ScholarPack directly, click the 'Contact Us' button in the top right of the Help Centre
  • If your school uses a Support Partner, please contact them. Click their name in the top right of your ScholarPack above the search box, for their contact details.

Deleting the duplicate

Once you've copied over any needed information to the correct profile, and removed any attendance or assessment data, head to the Extended tab. Scroll to the bottom and click Delete student.

A sum will appear, fill in the box and click Delete again.


The following pop-ups will appear. Click OK for both.

This will then put you back to the homepage, and the duplicate profile has been deleted. for more information, see this article.


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