Information is not pulling through or is showing incorrectly in my Third-Party APP

All Third-Party applications (also known as APIs) that connect to ScholarPack, connect via REST API.

This type of connection is managed solely by the 3rd Party platforms, not by ScholarPack. This means we have very limited capability when it comes to troubleshooting why data isn't pulling through or is showing incorrectly in the other platform. We will likely be unable to support you unless you have spoken with your API company first.

You'll need to contact the API and raise the issue with them for investigation, as our Support Teams are not able to diagnose the problem. There are a few things you can check in your MIS first, and you may need this information when contacting the API.

1. Check the data in ScholarPack

First port of call is to check whether the information is present and showing correctly in your MIS. If it isn't, adjust it accordingly. If the information is correct on ScholarPack, then most likely the issue lies with the connection itself, or something on the API's end.

2. Check the last extraction

Head to Admin > Config > API Configuration.

Click the Access Logs button next to the relevant API to see when the program last extracted data from ScholarPack.



Not all third party apps are able to connect directly with ScholarPack. If you don't see the API listed, most likely it connects via an Integrator. Integrators are companies that connect an API to your ScholarPack on behalf of the API, e.g. Wonde. If you are not sure what integration is used by the API, speak with the staff member who set up the connection, or your on-site IT support.


3. Check your student contact 3rd party permissions

If the issue is that student contact details are not pulling through, this may be due to contacts having 'allow contact by 3rd party' flagged as No.

You can check this via the All Contacts By Student report. Before changing this to 'Yes', you may need to contact the parents and ask for their consent if you have not already gained this.


If it is SchoolCloud, this could also be down to the parental responsibility settings.

These are not guaranteed reasons as to why the contact details are not pulling through, but they are a likely cause. We would still recommend contacting your API / Integrator and enquiring what criteria they use to pull through information - and that if it is down to the contact permissions, how long it will be until the next extraction and the details are expected to pull through.


4. Contact your API / Integrator

Once you have the extraction information, you'll need to contact the API for investigation and troubleshooting.

What if my API connection writes back to ScholarPack?

Some APIs are able to 'write back' to ScholarPack to add information to your MIS, for example Weduc can populate register information.

Again, even though this is information being added to ScholarPack rather than extracted, the connection is still managed by the provider. You will still need to contact them to investigate the problem.


5. The API have determined the issue is the information in the MIS

If your API determines the issue lies within your MIS, make sure they specify exactly what the information is that is wrong or missing, and what criteria they use to pull the information through.

If it is a relatively simple change but you're not sure where to find it or how to change it, please contact ScholarPack support (or your relevant support partner) and we'll be able to help with this. Make sure to include the following in your request:

  • The 'tags' the 3rd party use to pull the information that is showing as incorrect or missing (this may be different in ScholarPack compared to other 3rd parties)
  • Where in ScholarPack they pull the information from to show in their system
  • Where the data is missing from or showing incorrectly in the 3rd party system

Please note

Without this information, we won't be able to support you, so please make sure to get all the necessary details from your provider first.


If the problem is more complex and your API provider / Integrator needs further information or cooperation from us, they can contact us directly. We have direct contact channels with some of the most common APIs / Integrators, including:

  • GroupCall
  • ParentMail
  • Wonde
  • Inventry

If your API / Integrator is not listed there, please check with them whether they have a direct contact channel with us, and if not, they can contact us via email at, our team can then liaise with the API to help resolve the issue.

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