Can we delete inactive Meals in our setup?

It is not possible to delete meals once they have been entered in the Admin > Meals > Set up Meal types area, as this can cause issues with balances and meal history.

You can however deactivate a meal type that is no longer in use, so that it doesn't show in Manage student lunches or the register options.

Why are my inactive meals still showing elsewhere?

If you have a meal type that is listed as inactive, but still shows in this area, most likely it has had availability mistakenly added for it that hasn't flagged correctly. The following steps will take you through how to resolve this:

Go to Admin > Meals > Set up meal types. Press Activate next to the meal.


If Deactivate becomes available, press again. If it shows ‘this meal type is available in the future’ go to step 3.


Go to Admin > Meals > Set Meal availability. Click Remove all year for the relevant meal.


Head back to Set up Meal Types. Click Deactivate.

The meal option will no longer show as available to assign via the register or elsewhere in the meals module.

Please Note

This will only work for meals that have not been assigned to a student so far this academic year. If a student has had this meal, it will not be available to deactivate, and will read as:

This meal type has been assigned during the current academic year, so cannot be deactivated.

If this is a mistake, and the meal choice should not have been assigned to a student, you will need to edit the meal choice retrospectively. Then, once no student is recorded as having had the meal this year, you will be able to deactivate it.

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