Path: Admin > Config > Tutors

Tutors allows you to assign tutors to specific forms or classes for the purpose of registration. Once a teacher is assigned to a class they will be able to quickly register this class through Home >Register.

You will now see a list of teaching staff and the form(s) they are assigned to. Clicking on Manage will allow you to update the teachers' current forms.

You can edit the assigned years and forms, select Add New to enter a new form or click Unassign to remove this form from the chosen teacher. Select Close to exit.

If a teacher has not been assigned to a form you will have the option to click Assign, this will allow you to allocate a form to your chosen teacher.

You can now enter a year, form, and classroom.

Once the teacher is assigned to a form they do not need to select a form or a class from the drop down menu to take their register, they simply need to select their form's button.

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