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This section allows you to record incidents around the school. The type of incident can vary from a slip, trip or fall to bullying or harassment. In addition to the type of incident, you can also record where in the school the incident occurred (the zone), the role of the student, whether the guardian of the student has been informed and any action taken. Once the data is saved you can create a report in Reporting > Reports > Conduct > Incidents.



You are able to customise the zones around the school and these zones can be colour coded to make identification easier.

When you add a new zone, you will need to input two fields; School Zone and School zone colour. Once these fields have been filled in, simply click Insert to save your zone.

Using the Edit function will allow you to change the School zone and School zone colour or select Delete to remove your entry. 

An incident type can be entered in the same way.

Click Add New to enter a new incident type then select Insert.

Select Edit to update an existing incident type or Delete to remove your entry.  You will not be able to delete any incident which has been assigned to a student in the past. If you edit an incident name it will alter the name on any student profiles the former name was applied to.

Incidents can be recorded with a student's individual profile under Conduct and Incidents



Note:  Once you have used one of the configured items you are unable to delete that item.

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