Ad Hoc Register

Admin > Config > Ad Hoc Register

The Ad Hoc Register is used to register pupils for out of school activities such as after school clubs. The activity appears in the daily classroom register and a student's attendance at a particular club or activity is recorded by turning the cross into a tick. 

To add a new item to the register simply choose the Add New button. 

You can then enter the Ad hoc column name and the days of the week when the activity takes place, then select Insert.

To edit an existing item simply click on Edit button to change the data. You can now save your changes by clicking the Update button.

These additional items will now appear in the classroom register. The teacher will now be able to record if students are planning to attend a particular club or activity by clicking on the cross, changing it into a green tick. You can access this data as a report in Reporting > Attendance > Ad Hoc Report.

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