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ScholarPack provides an easy to use assessment system for students in each subject; they can be split into separate sections using the Assessment button.

It is designed to be as easy to use as possible, simple to set up and is separated into five main areas;

  • School Assessment Policy where a school assessment collection policy is defined.
  • Markbook where individual teachers can keep their own records and enter marks configured in the School Assessment Policy.
  • Assessment where all the collected marks/levels/grades can be analysed along with student performance.
  • Assessing Pupil Progress both at Key Stage1/2 and EYFS profiles.
  • Historical Data A way to input all your historical assessment levels.

You also have the option to exclude a students SATS data form the available reports if needed.

School Assessment Policy

The School academic management team can arrange a schedule of assessment data collections for inclusion in the assessment tracking and analysis system.
It includes the following features;

    • Data collection can be scheduled for as many times a year as required.
    • Each collection is dated and automatically inserted in a teacher's Markbook for each subject and only appears after the scheduled date.
    • Teachers know when to insert grades by the presence of empty columns with grey headers in their Markbook.
    • Grades entered are available in the rest of ScholarPack immediately.
    • The teacher's Markbook operates normally for the teacher for all other work items.

To enter work items for scheduled data collections, click My Workspace > SMT Assessments


Here you will be able to add up to 6 checkpoints throughout the academic year by clicking the Add New button.

  • First you need to select the year group you want to apply the checkpoints too
  • Next you need to select a checkpoint (Checkpoints range from1-6) and assign a collection date
  • Final step is to select the Mark Type you would like to use. Assessment levels can be set in accordance with National Curriculum guidelines including Fine Grained Marking, also you can select KS4 and 5 A*-U grades.

This will add a new checkpoint to to every teacher's Markbook in that year.
(If you assign teachers to classes after checkpoints have been inserted simply delete and re-insert the checkpoints)

Under the My Subjects tab - click any class and then select the Markbook icon, you will then be able to see the checkpoints location on the top row by placing your mouse over a letter.

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