Using the Full CTF Importer

Admin > Students > Full CTF Importer

When adding students onto the system you have two options, you can import the student from a CTF file (Common Transfer File) or add a student manually. To add a student manually please view the Add Students Manually article.

If you are provided with a CTF you can add the student details using the CTF Importer. Select Add/Merge Students from CTF.

Click Choose File to browse to the file location and then select Upload File. 

If there isn't a match in the database and the child is a new entrant you will see the following. Remember to select the Enroll button to enter the student onto ScholarPack and Click to finish import

If however, you have already imported a CTF for that child you will get the following warning showing a UPN match and the date the file was imported.


Each column (A-I) represents a particular element of the data held within the ctf. Select using the tick option which of the data fields you wish to import or over write.

If the student arrived without a CTF and you have already entered data for that child you will see a warning that there is already data in your system matching the new information. You can merge the records or overwrite the data. In the example below the student was already entered into the database and a name and date of birth match was identified. You have the option to Add UPN, Overwrite Address, Add Contacts and Overwrite SEN. Select which elements you wish to add or overwrite and select Merge Record. If you have multiple students on the CTF, complete each individual then select Click to finish import.

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