Using Export Info Check

Admin > Students > Export Info Check

Export Info Check allows you to extract information about students into a report. This can be sent to parents in order to check that all of their details are correct.  You can also print off a blank check sheet if needed.


Here, you can produce either a basic or extended student report detailing contact data. You can filter either of the basic or extended options to show either individual years or forms using the drop down menus and then clicking Choose.

An example of the basic report, which only shows name, date of birth, address and any phone numbers is shown below.

The extended information option provides additional data such as medical, personal, sibling, permissions and contact information. 

The Single Student option provides an extended report on an individual student. Select the individual of interest from the drop down box and the report will automatically download to your computer.  You can select whether you wish to collect information on permissions by using the tick box.




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