How do I add Admissions students?

Admin > Students > Admissions

The admissions module allows you to record prospective students in ScholarPack which can be later enrolled into the main system. It can be used to store details of pupils who are in the process of making a decision about attending your school, or to record students with a future start date for the next academic year. ScholarPack allows you to add, edit and report on the information on students who are not enrolled yet.

Importing an admissions ATF

Most schools will receive a list of prospective students from their Local Authority in the form of an ATF file.  This can be easily uploaded onto ScholarPack by going to Admin>Students>Full CTF/ATF Importer. Once in here click Add/Merge Students from CTF/ATF.  You then need to choose your saved ATF and click Upload File.

You will now be presented with a list of your prospective pupils.  Click the tick box next to each child which will add them to the admissions area. Next, click the 'Import' button next to each child and finally choose to Finish Import.

Your new intake will now appear in the admissions module which can be found in Admin>Students>Admissions.

Updating admissions pupils

From this area you can choose to update students' details in bulk by choosing the 'Bulk Update Admissions' tab.  This directs you to the student 'Group Updater' module.  To set a future entry date for your new pupils choose the starting year group and in the Student Attribute drop down find Entry Date and Choose.  A list of your pupils will be displayed - tick next to the child's name to include them in the update and choose your future entry date from the second attributes drop down box. Update students.  You can choose various bulk updates, for example you may choose the New Form for September option to set your form groups in readiness for the new academic year.

Importing prospective pupils using a csv file.

Prospective pupils can be added to ScholarPack in bulk via a csv upload.  The csv must be in the format of the template provided by ScholarPack.  Go to Admin>Students>Admissions and choose the 'Import CSV' tab.  The required format will be displayed.

Choose your csv file and then Upload.  Once uploaded you prospective pupils will appear in the admissions module. See the above Updating admissions pupils area above for further options.

Adding prospective pupils manually.

Go to Admin>Students>Add Student Manually

Once you have entered your prospective pupils using one of the three methods above, you can find them in Admin>Students>Admissions.

Once the student appears in the table, you can edit various elements of the information on an individual basis.  To update multiple students please refer to the Updating admissions pupils area above.

The information from this area can be exported to Word, Excel or PDF by clicking on the yellow download icon on the top right of the screen.

You are also able to use some of the reports in ScholarPack for these students where the option to 'Include Future Students' is listed.

Admissions Configuration

You are able to customise areas of the admissions module within the Admin>Config>Admissions area.

You can set your own admissions statuses for example 'Enrolled', 'Application', 'Rejected' as well as setting your own admissions criteria such as 'Siblings' to tag where a prospective pupil has a sibling already in school.

To add a new admission status, choose the 'Add New' tab on the bottom left hand side of the admission statuses table.

To edit an admission status, click on the black cog in the Edit column next to the status, or to remove an admission status click on the red cross in the remove column.

To add a new admission criteria, choose the 'Add New' tab on the bottom left hand side of the admission criteria table.

To edit an admission criteria, click on the black cog in the 'Edit' column next to the status, or to remove an admission criteria click on the red cross in the remove column.

You can also customise which columns you wish to be displayed on the admissions area in the admissions options area - a green cross under the title will include that field whereas clicking on the green tick and changing this to a red cross will remove it.

The ability to customise the admissions area allows you to keep a track on your prospective students and export and filter data as necessary.





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