Group Updater

Admin > Students > Group Updater

The Group Updater is designed to update large groups of students at the same time. This is useful if you wish to enter the same information for all of your students or a large group simultaneously.

Choose the Year from the drop down list (if required). Leave the Year box blank to show all students in the school. You can also choose a class then select an attribute from the drop down list and select Choose.

A list of students will appear. Here you will be able to change large groups of students attributes around very quickly.

For example if you choose the student attribute New Year for September, a list is produced showing the form groups for next academic year of the selected year or class.


You can alter a student's form by selecting the form from the drop down next to the Check All button. You then select the student(s) using the tick box. If you wish to select all students click the Check All button.

Select Update students to save your choices.




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