How do we update the Vulnerability Indicators?

In order to update the Vulnerability Indicators you need to go to Admin > Students > Vulnerability Indicator.

Select a Year and Form, then click Choose. A table will appear with the selected group of students alongside 20 preset areas of concern that can be used to record vulnerability for a particular student. You can also filter this report to only show those students with a vulnerability prior to running the report. 


There are four levels of concern, and if you select 'Click for Definitions' a key will pop-up to explain them.

In a student's row, click on the circle for a particular Vulnerability and select the level of concern (each click scrolls through the four colours). 

You can view the Vulnerability Indicator in the student's profile under the Support tab. 


You can also report on the Vulnerability Indicators at Reporting > Reports > Support >Vulnerability Indicator.


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