Disabilities and Paramedical Needs

Students Profile > Support > Disabilities/Paramedical Needs


To record student's disabilities and paramedical needs, simply click on the cog wheels in the support tab. You will be able to view any information relating to disabilities and paramedical needs here.

Once you have clicked the cog wheel a drop down box will appear asking for you to choose a disability or paramedical need.

  • The options available in the drop down box are provided by the DFE.

Once you have inserted a disability or a paramedical need the statement will appear on the student's profile.


To add or make adjustments use the cog next to the relevant title of either Disabilities or Paramedical Needs. 

Clicking the cog will open up a menu where you can either click on Edit or Add New

If you click on Add New, you can then select a Disability or Paramedical Need from their respective drop down menu and hit Submit to save the disability.

The Edit button allows you to change the Disability or Paramedical Needs of the student using the drop down menu then remember to click Update to save your changes. 

You can delete a student's Disability or Paramedical Need by clicking the Delete icon but you cannot alter the list of disabilities or paramedical needs itself.


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