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ScholarPack allows you to define future patterns of attendance using the Patterns module.
To do this we go to the Patterns page. This can be found at: 
Register > Patterns
Please see the screen below.

Once you click the Patterns button, the screen below will be presented.

From the screen above you can choose the year or / and form. This application allows you to put patterns of attendance against an individual student or a group of students. 

All the students in the year/form have by default a tick against their name indicating that they would normally be attending school.  They may be absent due to sickness or other reasons and if the absence is a regular event such as medical appointments or early years, then you can apply a code/reason using this application.

The first stage is to select the absence reason/code and the date range between which it applies.  

You then need to select the student(s) you wish to apply the pattern of codes to using the tick box in the far right column.

You then select the sessions (day and am/pm) to which you wish the selected code/reason to apply.  You do this by removing the tick form the period to which the code needs to be applied.


The student table will show crosses where you have applied the code.



This code and pattern will then appear in the daily register when taken by the teacher.



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