SEN and SEN History

Students Profile > Support > SEN


You can access a student's SEN profile by visiting their profile and clicking on the support tab, you will see a section for special educational needs. Please click on the cog wheel shown in the picture below to add a new 'Special Educational Need' or to amend the current one.

(If no cog wheel appears you will need a member of the admin team to add SEN permissions onto your account)

The student's SEN profile contains many fields for you to input information into. The student's SEN review date is a required field. The SEN profile will not be active until this review date therefore will not show on the census until this date.


(P-Scales - this is used to determine whether a student is assessed using the national curriculum levels or the P levels)

Once you have created the SEN profile, the information will automatically appear in the student's SEN history under the support tab of their profile.

A student can only have one editable SEN profile at a time therefore if a profile is amended the history will be saved and cannot be changed.


You are able to print the SEN report by using the PDF icon.


Student Profile > Support > SEN History

The SEN history will show previous SEN statements recorded on ScholarPack. The table automatically populates with a historic version of a statement when the current version is updated and saved.  The history table will show:

  • Provision
  • Start date of the statement
  • The type of statement
  • Type Rank.  1 indicates only a primary SEN statement detailed, 2 indicates both a primary and secondary statement

You can print a PDF document by using the icon on the tool bar.  This will show the current SEN statement, historical information along with some basic data.
An example of the report is below.



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