User Roles - Permissions

ScholarPack has a range of different user roles to protect student information and to increase the stability of data change. All users have access to the DashboardHome Icon and all of its features.

Below is a list of each user's access & privileges.


  • This is for the senior administrator or users who need access to all areas within ScholarPack. 
  • Tabs available: Home, Workspace, Reporting, Registers Admin and Dashboard
  • This role will allow the user to access and edit all elements of the administration process.  
  • To view staff contracts and absence information you will also need the HR role.

Junior Admin                 

  • The user will have access to registration (via Register>Manage Register), communications, meals, bulletin and class setup.  
  • Tabs Available: Home, Reporting, Register, admin and Dashboard
  • This role will not allow the user to edit student data or view any staff data.   

Student Admin

  • The user will have access to student data, allowing them to edit this information as well as being able to import/export CTFs, set student targets, manage FSM, manage siblings, etc.
  • Tabs available: Home, Workspace, Reporting and Dashboard.
  • To access the Admin > Student area there is button at the top right entitled Student Area.  This will allow you to carry out more student administration functions.  You can also Add New Student.
  • The role will not allow you to view or edit any staff data.


  • This role is designed for the Head of Year (Hoy) / Department (Hod)
  • Tabs available: Workspace, Reporting and Dashboard
  • They will also be able to view but not edit student data. 


  • This role is designed for the SENCO within the school.
  • Tabs available: Workspace, Reporting and Dashboard
  • This role will allow the user to view, edit and create support data within a student's personal profile including IEP's (Individual Educational Plans) and Learning Support Needs.


  • This is for staff who are part of the Senior Management Team and who need access to all areas of the software.   
  • Tabs available: My WorkspaceReportingRegisterAdmin and Dashboard.
  • In particular, this user can access SMT Assessment in My Workspace, edit any teacher reports and view Assessment Reporting.


  • This is for class teachers. They will be able to view a student's profile, take class registers and input assessment data.
  • Tabs available: My SubjectsMy WorkspaceReporting and Dashboard


  • This role allows the user to edit staff information.  It will allow you to view contracts and absence information and all the staff reports. 

Additional Role

The following are additional roles that will allow access to specific areas of the software and are normally allocated in addition to a main role.  


  • The Child Protection Officer (CPO) role will allow the user to edit and view 'Confidential' information within the students profile.


  • The Tutor role grants Teachers the ability to Create and Edit IEP's for their students.


  • This role allows the user to create logons and change passwords for all users. 
  • If you have the HR and Sysadmin role, you can allocate the HR role.

All these roles can be combined. To select more than one role hold 'shift or 'cmd'. A good example of this would be combining the Junior Admin and Student Admin roles - this user would not have access to staff data (no Personnel module), but would be able to edit student data.

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