Managing Staff Attendance Patterns

Admin > Personnel > Manage Staff Attendance Patterns

This application allows you to put patterns of attendance against a staff member's profile. This is particularly useful for part time staff.

All members of staff have, by default, a tick against their name indicating that their contract would expect them to be in school.  They may be absent due to sickness or other reasons and if the absence is is a regular event such as part time, then you can apply a code using patterns.

The first stage is to select the absence code and the date range between which it applies.  


You then need to select the member of staff you wish to apply the pattern of codes to, using the tick box in the far right column.

You can now select the sessions (the day and am or pm) to which you wish the selected code to apply. This is done by removing the tick from the period in question.


The staff table will show crosses where you have applied the code.

The pattern of codes which you have set will be replicated in Manage Staff Attendance


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