How to upload an ATF or CTF.

How to upload an ATF or CTF

Path: Admin>Students>Full ATF/CTF Importer

In order to upload new student admissions for the upcoming academic year into ScholarPack you will first need to upload your ATF or CTF file. You can do this by clicking on Admin > Students > Full ATF/CTF Importer. From here you can add the file you wish to upload by selecting Add/Merge Students From CTF.


You can now select Choose File to locate your file and Upload File.

NB: The ATF/CTF will be the file which you have downloaded from your local authority. 

A table with a list of students will now be displayed, please ensure you select the Enroll button in the Action column for each new student.

Once the students have been enrolled onto ScholarPack you can allocate a future entry date, new year and new form for September by using the Group Updater.

Allocating a future entry date, new year and new form

Path: Admin>Students>Group Updater

 Allocating the 'New Year for September'

If the imported file does not have a year specified please leave the year drop down box blank for all students, once produced the students with the present value of none are the admissions students.

However, if the imported file already has a year specified please select this from the year drop down box. You will then see both the children currently in this year group, and the new admissions students. You can now select the admissions students using the tick boxes in the select column. In addition to selecting the students, from the second drop down box select the year into which the student is allocated. To complete the process, select 'Update students'.  This will have allocated the selected students to the select year from September.   


Allocating the 'New Form for September'

You are able to allocate new admissions to their 'Form for September'. Select the year group the students have been allocated to and the 'New Form for September' in the Student Attribute drop down.  Once you have been presented with the students select from the second drop down the form in that year.  For schools with multiple forms in a year, select one of the form names, in the select column the students in that form and then 'Update Students'.  This will allocate the students to the selected form from September. 




Allocating the 'Entry Date'

The class drop down box will allow you to select a specific group or leave as the defaulted value of All Groups. Select the student attribute Entry Date and click Choose to display all students which match your selected criteria.


A table of the students' names and the present value for the selected student attribute will appear. You can click the icon at the side of the empty text box to choose a future entry date from the calendar (usually the first day of term in September).

The Check All button allows you to select all students or use the Select column to tick individual students. Clicking the Update Students button will allocate the chosen student attribute to the selected students.


Please note: All schools who have already imported their new admissions students must ensure that the academic year for these students is set to the year below their new September year, e.g, if they will be in year 0 in September please ensure their year is set to -1. Once the end of year process is performed these students will be promoted to year 0 automatically. 




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