Destination School Setup

Admin > Config > Destination School Setup

Destination School Setup allows you to enter the schools which your students will be transferring to. You can enter a new destination school by pressing the Add New button, enter the LEA number, establishment number and school name then press Insert.


Pressing Edit at any time will allow you to Update the destination school or make the school active or inactive.  The inactive schools will not appear in the drop down list of schools when allocating to a student.  


Once created you will be able to choose from your list of destination schools in the Extended tab of the Student Profile under Destination School.

The destination schools can also be used to speed up the process of creating CTF's for off roll students at the end of year or multiple students attending one school mid year.

First of all, use the Group Updater to bulk fill your leavers' destination schools. Using either Admin > Config > Year End or Admin > Students > Export CTF, depending upon the time of year, will allow you to choose the destination school, select the children you wish to create the CTF for and finally generate the CTF.

You can assign your leavers to a destination school through the group updater and the students profile under the extended tab.

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