Email Notifications

It's possible to set up an email notification system for when conduct incidents and accidents are recorded.  You will find this area at Admin > Config > Email Notifications.

Here you can set up which members of staff will receive an email notification of when a student has had an incident or referral recorded. The incidents are entered on the student profile's Conduct tab. Accidents for students are logged on the Ancillary tab.

To set up who receives the email notification, click in the Users to be Notified cell. A dropdown appears of all teachers with an email address entered on their profile. Select the staff member(s), and change Send Details to Yes. Click Save for the area you wish the email notification to apply to.mceclip2.png

To remove a staff member, click on the x next to their name. Automatic email notifications will be sent to all staff whose names have been entered in this area.

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