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Identical to the Student Group Updater, the Staff Group Updater will allow you to amend staff information held in their profile.

Please Note: The majority of the information held in the staff group updater can only accessed by staff with HR Permissions.

To use the group updater simply choose the staff attribute from the drop down box to view/amend the data.

Once you have selected the staff attribute you wish to edit/update you will be presented with a table showing all members of staff.


You will then have the option to change the detail of the attribute, in this case the contract end date by selecting the member of staff and then entering the new date. 

The group updater function for training courses has been added to allow you to add whether the course has been completed together with the date or if it has been completed only but the date information is not to hand.

The first step is to select Completed Training from the Staff Attribute.

You will then have the option to select the training course from the drop down ( you set up the options in the drop in Admin > Personnel > Training )

You then have the option to select individual staff members and the information you wish to add to their training profile (Date only when wishing to change an already entered date, Select Date and Completed or Select Completed ).  You can select all staff members and the information you wish to by selecting the tick box next to the column descriptor.

Once you have selected the information to add use Update Staff to save the data.

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