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1.  Create Labels

2.  Print Labels

This application allows you to create new and run saved student labels.  

The first stage of the process is to set up the labels so click on 'Design New Label'.

From here you need to assign the label design a name and choose the type/size of the labels you will be printing to.

You can print an example page which will show you the size of the labels and the page layout to allow you to check that it is suitable.  

The next step is to design the label. Click on Design Label.

The table to the left shows you the preset available label fields.  You can drag and drop the field(s) you require onto the blank label template.  To drag and drop, left mouse click and hold down the button on the element in question, drag it into position on the label and release the mouse button.  

You can also choose to add up to 5 customisable fields, for example 'Parent/Guardian of' or 'Year 7 Report' etc.


Once in the example label, fields can be removed by clicking on the red cross. 

Below the label is an example of how it will be displayed.  

By clicking on the 'Refresh Example Label' tab the preview label will refresh and reflect any changes.

You can adjust the formatting of the element(s) by placing a tick by the field(s) in question and then selecting the font, size, colour and alignment from the 'Font Options' table on the right hand side.

As you alter the font colour and alignment, the example label at the bottom will change to show how it will look when printed.

To create your own custom field(s) to insert into the label, click into the blank cells underneath the 'Customisable Fields' heading in the left hand table.  You are then able to type in your own custom text and once saved drag and drop it into the label.

Once you are happy with the layout of the label and it's selected content, you can select 'Print Labels'.

You then have the option to select the Year/Form you wish to generate the labels for and specify if you wish to choose current, former or future students.  Of note, you can also select year and form groups for the next academic year if the you have set these groups up.

Select 'Choose'.  Your labels preview will now appear. 

The final stage is to print the labels using the Word icon at the top right of the page.  

This will generate a word file for you to send to your local printer. 

Any labels that you create are automatically saved for you.  These appear when you go back into Admin>Students>Student Labels in a table.  

From here they can be viewed, edited, deleted or printed.

Please note - Labels can also be produced in our Comms module.

Labels in this area are non editable. Please click the attached link for further information:

Comms in ScholarPack


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