Submitting Data to the LA / NCA

Once you have input all of your teacher assessments you will need to generate a CTF file to send to the Local Authority and/or the NCA Tools website. To do this, you will need to access the CTF Exporter in Admin > Students > Export CTF. You will be presented with the following page.

You will need to choose one of the Partial CTF files shown in the image above. Once you have chosen your Partial CTF you will be asked where you would like to send this information.

You will be sending the file to the Local Authority and/or the NCA Tools website so you will need to specify the destination LEA and the destination school in the fields on your screen.

Next select the year group you wish to produce the partial CTF for (e.g. if KS1 choose year 2). Navigate to the next page by clicking the Choose button (if you would like to select all students in the school please leave the year box blank). A list of students will appear from your chosen year group, select the individual tick boxes to include that child on the CTF export, or check all students at the top of the page to save time. Now select Generate Common Transfer File to produce a CTF (XML file), which will be downloaded onto your computer, ready for you to send to the LA or NCA Tools website.

Please do NOT rename the file.


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