Submitting Statutory Assessment Data to the Local Authority (LA) or the Primary Assessment Gateway

In order to submit Statutory Assessment data to your LA or the Primary Assessment Gateway, first you will need to enter all your teacher assessments into Admin > Students > Statutory Assessment.


Next you will need to generate a CTF file to send to the Local Authority and/or the Primary Assessment Gateway website. To do this, go to Admin > Students > Export CTF

Note: Please repeat these steps if a new file is required due to data changes or problems with the original file.


Here, you will be presented with the following page:


Choose one of the Partial CTF files shown in the image above, depending on the type of assessment being sent (e.g FSP for Early Years). You will then be asked where you would like to send this information. 


The file name and curriculum year should already be selected for you (as in the screenshot above).  The only thing you may wish to do is select to include former students if you have had a pupil leave recently who you are required to report on.

NOTE: as you are sending this data to the Primary Assessment Gateway or your Local Authority it is not required to select a preset destination as ScholarPack have set the destination already on this page for you.

When sending the Phonics file, Year 1 is pre-selected, and you will need to select Include Y2 Retakes if appropriate.  


Once you have clicked Choose a list of the students in the year group will appear, you can either select the students you wish to send the CTF for by clicking the box to the far right hand side of their name or if all students on screen are required simply click Check All at the top. If you have ticked to include Leavers, they will appear in red (if you clicked Check All, you may need to de-select any Leaver you don't wish to appear in this file).



Once you have selected the students you wish to send the data for please click onto generate common transfer file at the bottom of the page. 


This will automatically download the document into your downloads area and you may also see the file drop to the bottom left hand corner of your screen.  You can then upload this to the required site.  

Please note these files have specific filenames specified by the DfE so when downloading the file please do not change the filename.  Due to the file type you may not be able to open this on your computer but do not worry this will import to the destination as expected.

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