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The Clubs module allows you to create school clubs, record attendance, manage payment and produce reports.  The main area for setting up clubs, allocating students, setting costs and recording payments is in the Admin > Config area. You can also record attendance data and any payments through the Workspace area which is accessible by teaching staff and those who do not have admin access rights.  



The document below lists the order in which you would use the module when setting up your school clubs.


1.  Set up clubs  Configure your clubs
2.  Add staff to clubs  Allocate members of staff to individual sessions
3.  Add club costs  Assign running costs.
4.  Add students to clubs and trips  Assign pupils to club sessions
 5. Edit clubs information  Make changes to initial configuration
 6. Manage payments  Record payments and generate receipts
 7. Registers  Take registers for sessions
 8. Module Options  Configure the Workspace clubs module 
9.  Reports  A selection of clubs reports

1.  Set up clubs

Go to the 'Manage Clubs' tab at the top of the page and choose 'Add New Club'.

From here you will need to add a club name and choose a start date for your club to be available from.  Choose which year group(s) you wish to make the club available for - you can choose all or individual year groups and can multiple select year groups by holding down your shift key and left clicking the mouse on the required groups.

You should also write any necessary club notes.  

Choose a colour for your club by clicking onto the colour box next to the 'Club colour' heading.  This will allow your club to be instantly recognisable to you on the 'This week's clubs and trips calendar'.

Click on 'Next:Timetable.

The next page displayed requires you to set the days and times that the club will be running.  Click next to the day you wish to assign the club to under the start time to bring up the time boxes.  Enter a start and end time.

To remove a session, just click on the red cross.

2.  Add staff to club

Still within the Manage Clubs area once you have completed section 1 above, you are taken to the 'Add Staff to Clubs' section.  A drop down list of all active staff members will be displayed from where you can assign members of staff to daily club sessions. The days that the club has been made available on will be shown -  tick which session(s ) you wish your selected member of staff to be assigned to and then choose that person from the drop down.  The staff member's name will then be shown next to the session that they will be involved in.  Repeat this process for all staff involved.



If you no longer wish for a member of staff to be assigned to a club session, you can simply remove them by clicking on the red cross next to their name.

If you have outside agencies running your club, you are able to add these in the next section.  Choose 'Next'.

3.  Add Club Costs

Still within the 'Manage Clubs' area, once you have assigned members of staff to your sessions you are taken to the next screen:

You will need to set up whether the club is chargeable to students and also have the option to charge students when absent.  There may be a different cost attached to the same club for different sessions - one may be a longer session for example or involve more costs for equipment, so you can add the cost per student for each separate session.  Click next to 'Add Students'.

4.  Add Students to Clubs and Trips - Manage Students

Choose the 'Manage Students' tab and pick a club from the drop down list.  Click 'Choose'.

A list of pupils will be available from the second drop down box (Select a Student)- note - only children from year groups that you have made available to attend this club in the Club Config area will be displayed in here.

If there is more than one session possible for a chosen club you will see these in the 'Days' box.  You can click on the cross on any session that you don't want the chosen pupils to be assigned to.  

Once you are happy with your selection click 'Add Students'.  They will appear under the session heading showing that they are now expected to attend the club on that day and will appear on the club register.  To remove a child from a club, click the red cross next to their name.

5.  Edit Clubs Information.

This page allows you to change the session days or costs for students.  You can also make a club 'Inactive'.

Click on the 'Manage Clubs' tabs and choose the 'Edit Club' tab next to the club you wish to edit.

You are then taken to the 'Editing' page.

6. Manage Payments

In this area you are able to add payments, edit payments already recorded, create a list of creditors and debtors, create a list of all payments made and produce a historical attendance register.

Choose the Add Payment tab to record payments and allocate the payment to one or more club.  

Once you have selected a child to allocate a payment, you need to enter the full amount paid in the 'Payment Amount' box and then in the 'Allocate to Club' column assign an amount to one or more clubs for that child.

Click 'Save Payment'.  This generates a receipt which can be exported for printing.



This will allow you to edit and existing payments records.  First select the date range, the club ,year or form group or a single student.

You will then be presented with a table showing any recorded payments.

To change any recorded payments, select 'Edit Payment' and then adjust the payments as required.

The list all payments tab produces a table as below:

You can order the report to display by payment, student or club.  Select a date range to report between.

This tab allows you to choose a club, set a date range and produce a table with all assigned students and their attendance over a period of time.

7.  Registers

Registers can be accessed via the 'Register' tab or by clicking onto a session on the club calendar within the 'This week's clubs and trips' tab.  This area can be viewed by week or day.

By clicking onto one of the coloured sessions a pop up box will appear giving you the option to 'Complete a Session Register'.  You are also able to cancel the session from this area.

When you have clicked on the tab to complete a register, a list of your allocated pupils will appear.  You can mark all pupils as present by using the 'Check All' option or individually click to register the pupils as present.

If a pupil arrives at the session that is unexpected you can add them to the register as an ad hoc pupil by choosing the option at the bottom of the list entitled 'Add student to this club session'.  Choose the additional child from the drop down and click on the 'Add Adhoc Student' button.  

Payments can also be added and edited on the session register.  If a set price has been allocated for the session, the cost will be displayed in the cost column and the outstanding balance will be listed in the column to the right.

You can choose the 'Pay All' option in the Payment column to show that all pupils on the register have paid the full amount for that session, or you can choose to apply payments for individual pupils by clicking into the payments field on the child's row and typing in the amount paid.  Payments can be deleted by clicking the red cross next to the payment box and credits can be applied by using a minus number.

The register has a 'Notes' field where you can add any further information, for example if the child had a meal during the session.  You could choose to break down the costs in this area.

Click 'Submit Register' to record your session's attendance.

8. Clubs Module Options

This area is where administrative staff can configure which areas of the clubs module will be available and editable by teaching (and other non administrative) staff.

They would access the clubs area via Workspace>Clubs or Admin>Config>Clubs depending on individual access rights.

On clicking the 'Clubs Module Options' tab this page appears:

You can open or lock down any of the given four areas, depending on what functionality you wish the teaching staff to have.  Switching off any of these areas will mean that they do not appear at all in the 'Workspace' area, limiting functionality to administrative staff.


9.  Reports

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