Creating Inclusive Groups

When it comes to analysing your assessment data, you may want to create inclusive groups that contain students from two or more cohorts - for example; you may want to create a group that contains students from different ethnic groups.

To create an inclusive group, you will need to go to Reporting > Custom Report > New Report. You will arrive at the report engine main page (see image below) - here you will need to select several cohorts from the filters side ONLY to make your group.

Please note: that your group will NOT include guest or former students, these groups will only include current students.

Once you have chosen your cohorts/filters, input a report name and save report. Then click on the title Custom Reports, which will direct you to a list of all saved reports. If you want to make an inclusive group based on the filters you have chosen, you will need to click the green select button under the 'Make Dynamic Group' column.  Enter a suitable name for the group and click 'Create Dynamic Group'.  This will automatically create a dynamic group based on the filters chosen.

This dynamic group, that you have created, will now be available to use in all reports that use Dynamic groups.


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