Accidents and First Aid

Entering Accidents / First Aid

The accidents and first aid module allows schools to record details for these type of incidents, rather than using a paper accident book. Of course, the module could be used in conjunction with a traditional paper book if desired.

Schools can record accident or first aid details for students, staff and guests.

All users can log accidents for students. Only those with the 'Admin' or 'SMT' roles can enter accidents for staff and guests.

Accidents for students are logged in Student's profile > Ancillary.

  • Click the cog on the navigation bar to add a new accident.
  • Click the cog in the edit column to amend the accident.
  • Click the cross to delete an accident logged by mistake.

When adding a new accident, you will be presented with the following options:


  • Log the date, time and time out (e.g. minutes missed out of school, if applicable).
  • Log the nature of the complaint e.g. hit head on wall.
  • Log who dealt with it, pre-populated with your teacher list.
  • Log the outcome - e.g. what happened afterwards.
  • Log the follow up, if applicable e.g. discussed slippery floor with caretaker.
  • Log the zone, e.g. where it happened (these can be configured, being the same zones as used for 'Incidents' in Admin>Сonfig>Incidents).
  • Log if the student was sent home, or not.


Additionally, you can toggle extra details using the button in the top left of the main accidents screen. This allows further information to be tagged against the accident.


Tag any checkboxes you feel are relevant. These are useful for reporting purposes.

Note the red text ('Reported Accident'). If you want to 'Report' the accident to your MAT central team, check this box. This will make the accident visible in the MAT central dashboard.

Note: the accident will be reported only if the 'Reported Accident' box is checked when the accident is first saved. It will not report the accident if this box is checked after the accident has been saved.

Finally, you can log any witnesses or addresses of non-school participants at the bottom of the page. Click Save to record the accident.

The process for logging staff and guest accidents is exactly the same - they are entered in the staff profile > accidents, and Admin > Personnel > Guest Accident Book, respectively.


Reporting on Accidents / First Aid 

At the school level, you can report on accidents in the [Reporting > Reports > Support] area. You can favourite the 'First Aid' report and it will appear in your favourites (reports filter, top left) if you find it is a commonly used report.

In the report you can see all accidents logged between two date ranges, and you can filter by year groups or other attributes, e.g. all accidents involving FSM children. Clicking on 'more details' will present a printable version of the accident for use internally or to give to parents (see below). Export this using the yellow buttons in the top right.



Staff and Guest accidents can be reported on in a similar way using Staff First Aid and Guest First Aid (Reporting > Reports > Staff), using the corresponding reports.

At the Trust level, reported accidents can be viewed across each school.

Log into the central application and navigate to 'Serious Accidents', using the black tabs along the top of the screen.

The table will show accidents logged by each school in the MAT in the last 14 days. Click on a number to drill down to a school. This will present the report outlined above (as if you were at the school), with the added feature of being able to flick between schools in the top left using the database connector (drop down the list and select any school in the trust). When you have finished viewing this report, just close the tab in your browser to get back to the main central application screen.

Only reported accidents will be viewable in the central application.




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