Intervention Group Set Up


To set up an Intervention Group, go to Workspace > Interventions

On the first Overview page click on Add New and this form shall appear.

                         mceclip5.pngIn the Academic Year dropdown choose Multi if more than one year group attends the Group, or select the Year Group targetted. Give the Group a name for identification, a brief description of the activities, then set the ‘Effective From’ date as the start of this Intervention Group and the ‘Effective To’ date to the end of the Intervention period. Optional extras are to select the Data Type you will use to record progress (e.g. numerical, text or percentage), and the total minutes per week is required if cost details need to be assigned.

Your group will now appear in the overview page under Year Multi, or the single Academic Year if only open to one year group.  From here, or from the tab at the top of the page you can add students to the group.  Click Add Students to Groups.


You can do this a year group at a time or highlight all year groups to bring up all students.  To add students to the group, simply click onto the student’s name at which point a red border will appear to show they have been added, then click Save.

To remove a student from the Group, just click again and the border will disappear. Remember to click Save after any changes have been made.

Over the space of the year, students can be added or removed from the group allowing you to see which students are or have been in the group.

Students in the intervention group will now show on all reports with an ‘I’ aspect allowing you to filter reports.  They can also be selected by choosing them as a Dynamic Group from the group dropdown, identified by the Intervention Group name.

Interventions on the Student Profile

The current membership of an Intervention Group will display as a capital I Aspect on the front page of the student profile, as well as recorded on the Support Tab of the student profile:



If a student has a lower case i as an Aspect, this means they are a former member of an Intervention Group.


If you go to their Support tab you will see a blank field as they are not currently in an Intervention Group: 


If you wish to see all Intervention Groups previously attended by a student in their time at the school, click on the Cog next to Interventions. 


All Previous Intervention Groups will be displayed, as well as the entry and exit Assessment and Check Point data. 

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