Recording An Unexpected School Closure

All pupils can be recorded as not attending due to an unexpected school closure in just a few clicks.

 - Head to Register > Manage Register


 - In the filter section click 'Today Only' or the date range period you would like to mark.


 - If this is purely a certain session you can choose from the 'AM' or 'PM' options on the top left.


 - Click 'View Register' to bring up all students in on roll and make sure all students are selected with ticks on the right hand side of the table.




 - Choose the required code from the dropdown menu towards the bottom of the screen and click 'Fill Spaces'


And you're done!


TOP TIP - If you need to take a look at whether any codes count in your attendance percentages, just head to the top left of Manage Register to open the Register Codes Summary

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