How do I remove student meals assigned on a day of a school holiday, closure, trips, or illness?

When meal patterns have been set for children, they may automatically have a meal set when they are not in school. If you have created the meal pattern prior to entering a holiday (e.g. bank holiday or staff training day), then the meal will already have been assigned to the student. 

Head to Admin > Meals > Register Daily Meals


Enter the date for the day you would like the meals removing for and click 'Change Date'.

The absence codes for this day will be selectable using the tick box at the top of the page.


Once the children are selected scroll to the bottom of the page and hit 'Submit'


If other codes are available for removing meals, they'll be visible at the top of the page:


NOTE: You will need to repeat this process for each day of the holiday to remove the meals for each date. 

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