How Do I Remove Staff Leavers From Staff Lists?


Even when a staff member has a Contract End date they will still be showing on your Active Staff lists, so you just need to make them Inactive.


This just takes a few clicks!


Got to Admin > Personnel > Staff and select the staff member you are wanting to change.




Once you are on the profile, click the cog next to the staff member's name to open the Personal Details





Select 'Active - No' from the dropdown menu in the Personal Details in order to remove them from the Active Staff lists.





If the Staff member has a log in to ScholarPack you will have the option to remove this for your data security




And you're done!



- You can still access the Inactive Staff members in their profiles and on reports such as the Central Register, Staff Absence or Custom Staff Report

- You will need the HR role in order to action this, if you can't see the cog you may need to get your System Administrator to grant you this role.

- Even Staff who have left are needed for the Workforce Census s we advise to make these Inactive rather than deleting the record.

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