What dates is the Workforce Census taking data for?

Historical data is contained in the contract module for contracts that ended between the beginning of the previous academic year and the census date, either because the staff member left the school or because they have been issued a new contract.

Historical data is also contained in the absence module for periods of absence throughout the previous academic year for teachers and teaching assistants. This will include periods of absence for any staff that had left the school during the previous academic year. For the purposes of the school workforce census, the academic year is defined as the period from 1 September to 31 August.

For the 2020 Workforce Census, to reduce the burden on schools, the DfE is not collecting:

  • Absence data
  • Qualification data
  • Date of last pay review
  • 'Subject’ and ‘Tenure’ are not required for vacancy data
  • Data on third party support staff is not required, though data on occasional
    teachers is still needed
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