How do I exclude a staff member from the WorkForce Census?

There is 3 ways you can do this on ScholarPack. 


1) Go to the staff profile. Either via the search bar in the top right hand corner of your ScholarPack, or via Admin>Personnel>Staff. 

Once you are on the profile you will see "*name..* will be included on the workforce census" - shown below.



Simply click on the words and click okay once you have read the pop up are you sure box. Screen_Shot_2018-04-11_at_11.14.08.png


This will now exclude the staff member from your Census and will show this text in red - shown below. 





2) On the staff profile - click on the black cog icon on the staff members contract. Screen_Shot_2018-04-11_at_11.19.52.png


This will expand and show you the data in the contract. There is an option called "Include in Census" this is a yes/no field that you can populate accordingly. 


Just ensure to click update before coming away from this page. 





3) Go to Admin>Personnel>Quick Edits. In here you can simply click on the green ticks to untick staff that do not need to be picked up in the Census. 








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