How do I record a child as having left the country/being home schooled/moving to other external destination?

You can record students as leaving for non-standard destinations by adding the destination as a new Destination School. To do this head over to Admin > Config > Destination School Setup:


Once there, click "Add New" and you can enter the relevant details:


Home schoolers and most non-English institutions will not have LEA Numbers or ESTAB Numbers, and so you should use "XXX" in the Destination LEA and "XXXX" in the Destination ESTAB fields. The Destination School Name can be anything you like, but we recommend making it short and accurate; "Moved Abroad" or "Home Schooling" are good examples. URNs are normally 6 digits long, so the placeholder URN can be set to "XXXXXX":


For schools in parts of the UK that are not part of the English education system, you can enter their school name manually using the process above so that it will function as a record for their profile. Add the destination school as above and then it can be recorded on the student's Extended tab, under School History.

By setting non-standard destinations up using the process above, students with non-standard destinations can still be reported upon in the same way as any other off rolled/former student.

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