Census Decoded - 3 Great Ways You Can Prepare

Here at ScholarPack we know Census can be a last minute stress. Preparation is the key to a happy Census, so we have come up with some great ways to prepare now and reap the benefits on the day.

- Get in the know - Check what is collected.

From Spring to Autumn each Census differs in what it collects, so it is a key part of getting Census ready to understand exactly what is needed. Check our handy guide on all the dos and don'ts so you are up to date on what is needed for a sleek Summer Census.

- Practice makes perfect - Run Census as many times as you need.

A great feature of the ScholarPack Census is the ability to do a 'dummy run' before the big day. In just one click you can run a report to check how your data is doing against the DfE spec pre-loaded on your ScholarPack system. Our ScholarPack Census checks the validation of your data and even gives you a step-by-step guide on the errors and queries and how to fix them!

- Stay connected - Get in touch

Confused by Class Type? Frazzled by Funded Hours? We are here to help. Your superb support team are on hand to help and give advice on where to enter your data for Census. There are so many ways to get in touch and your team are here to help you enter your data exactly where it needs to be. Not sure what to enter? Click the link on the top of our Census module to ask the question directly to the DfE!

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