How do I add Google Calendar to ScholarPack?

Question: How do I add Google Calendar to ScholarPack?

Answer: Visit your Google Calendar page, which is available at

Once here, on the left you should see your Google profile under "My Calendars" - hovering over this reveals three dots that look like this:



In the image above, you can see the three dots to the right of ScholarPack Support. Click on this, then select "Settings and Sharing". 

It will take you to a page with "Calendar Settings" at the top. Scroll down to "Access permissions" and ensure you tick 'Make available to public'



Scroll down this page to a section labelled "Integrate Calendar" - in this area, you'll see your calendar ID and a number of different links. The correct area you want to copy is the "Embed Code" section, which will look something like this:

Copy this link and then head back to ScholarPack. In the top right, above the student search box, click on your school name (or go to admin/config/coresetup/school).  Here is your School Details table, where you click "Edit" then scroll to the bottom of the table where you can insert the link you've just copied:


Once this is done, click the 'Update' button and your calendar will appear in Home > Calendar.




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