How do I add Google Calendar to ScholarPack?

Question: How do I add Google Calendar to ScholarPack?

Answer: Visit your Google Calendar page, which is available at

Once here, on the left you should see your Google profile under "My Calendars" - hovering over this reveals three dots that look like this:



In this case, we can see the three dots above for ScholarPack Support. This brings up a small menu and you need to click "Settings and Sharing".

Once on the next page, ensure you are on the "Calendar Settings" page on the left. After this is done, scroll down to a section labelled "Integrate Calendar" - in this area, you'll see your calendar ID and a number of different links. The correct area you want to copy is the "Embed Code" section, which will look something like this:


Copy this link and then head back to ScholarPack. In the top right click your school, then click "Edit" in the centre of the screen, and scroll to the bottom of the table where you can insert the link you've just copied:


Once this is done, click the 'Update' button and that's it! Your calendar will appear in Home > Calendar.




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