Top 3 Features for GDPR with ScholarPack


In a time of complex data protection policies we like to keep things safe, simple and secure. ScholarPack believes in clarity and consistency every step of the way, and our top priority is keeping schools in full control of their data. With that in mind, we have designed some handy new features to help schools future proof their data and prepare for GDPR.

We know that data protection policies can differ in every school. With our new Customisation section of ScholarPack we have enabled schools to create their own statement on data protection, and add this straight to the Info Check and Data Capture Sheet. Now when schools check the contact details of parents and addresses etc, their personalised statement will be there every time.

A core part of data protection is knowing which information is going where. Schools work with different companies every day to make their school the best it can be, and with one of our new features schools can take control of which data these companies (e.g. ParentPay, InVentry etc.) can see. When using one of our seamless integration APIs, schools now have the power to select which data points they would like the companies to access. This gives schools full control, full security and complete reassurance.

Now that GDPR is here, it can seem like there isn't a company around that hasn't talked about consent to marketing, but what does that mean for schools? Where contact details of parents are securely shared between companies for direct use by the school we wanted to make things as clean cut as possible. We have introduced the ability to record which parents, if any, have given consent to receive marketing from any companies the school links their ScholarPack to via our API. Schools can now record the date and by which method they received consent, helping them be clear and confident in their data transfers.

Ensuring schools have a handle of their data is at the core of what we do, and our team are committed to helping schools stay in the driver’s seat. If you would like to get a hold of our guide on GDPR just click here.

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