Can my Teachers set Targets?

Targets are needed to measure progress and activate the Tracker Reports in ScholarPack.

ScholarPack allows the Admin Team to set up access for Teachers to set targets for their classes via the Markbooks.

Head into Admin > Config > Steps Assessment Config and click 'Edit'


Set 'Teachers See Targets' to 'Yes' and click 'Update' to save.

If 'Lock Targets' is set to Yes, they wont be able to edit them, so make sure this says 'No' to enable to view AND edit.

For Teachers to now set Targets they go to My Subjects 


and click into the class they would like to use. There will be a Targets icon now visible. 


Click on this to see the Targets for that class's Year Group.


 Click into either the Target Step or the 'E' or 'T' to enter Targets for the children.


The Target will automatically save once selected, and also appear in Admin > Students > Student Targets.



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