Start Preparing for Year End Now

Although you are unable to complete the Year End until after the final register of the academic year there are numerous items that can be done in advance to speed up the process.


In Admin > Year End you will find the 'Prepare for Year End' section ready in June

Note: to start preparing earlier, please go directly to the reports mentioned in this article below.

Here you can directly access the documentation to guide you through the process, and if you click on Prepare for Year End now there will be 10 steps to work through. The links take you directly to the relevant areas to check your data. The available date for your Year End to be completed is taken from the School Details table. It needs to be the last day students are in school, to obtain their registration codes on the final day.


This video link guides you through the two phases: Preparing for Year End, and Completing Year End -  ScholarPack Year End Webinar 2021

You can start your Year End checks early by going directly to the following reporting areas:

Check for Gaps in the Register - don’t forget former students

In order to view gaps in register please go to Reporting > Reports > Attendance (tab) > Gaps in Register by Student, select to include current and former students and here you can view all students and the date of any gaps in register if present.  By clicking onto the period of missing codes this will take you to Manage Register to fill in the code. Please note it is not required to fill in gaps for Nursery students.




Check for any N codes - don’t forget former students

To view N codes please go to Reporting > Reports > Attendance (tab) > Unauthorised Absences, leave the date range as it is, select to include former and current students and to only show unknown absences.  This will then show any N codes remaining on your system over the academic year and if you click onto the surname of the student you are able to amend the code if required.



Alternatively you can use the gaps in register by date report to check gaps and then check N codes. 

If you go to Reporting > Reports > Attendance (tab) > Gaps in Register by Date.


This report will display a calendar with dots in indicate gaps or N codes.



At the top of the report you can click the options to include nursery or not and to switch between looking at gaps or N codes.mceclip1.png

If you click the circle on a date it will show a list of gaps or N codes broken down by year group.


When you click fix gaps or fix N codes this will open a new tab with the register for the day and year group for you to amend the gaps or N codes. Once you have entered the codes you can close the tab and return to the report. 



Once you have amended all gaps or N codes in the list for the date you can click the cross in top right corner of the box to close the list. Closing this will refresh the report and you will see the circle no longer shows. 

Add Next Year’s Holidays

If you already know your holiday dates for next year these can be entered via Admin > Config > Core Set Up > Holidays.  At the bottom of the holidays you will have the option to select a holiday type and then the dates required. You would enter the first and last day of the holiday as the start and end dates so if the holiday was one week from Monday 25th October - this would be the start date and the end date would be Friday 29th October.  



Create New Form Groups for September

If your form group names are changing you can add new form groups via Admin > Config > Core Set Up > Forms - do not amend the current form names as this may effect registers now, however you can add a new form group Abbreviation and Description at the top of the page to create form groups with new names. All Abbreviations and Descriptions will need to be unique.



If you use ScholarPack for assessment purposes you may also wish to add these new form names into Admin > Config > Core Set Up > Groups in preparation for your assessment classes.  

Assign New Form Groups for September

If you go to Admin > Students > Group Updater and change the student attribute to New Form for September you can start assigning students to their new form groups in this area.



For example if Year 0 (Reception) Sting Rays were moving up to Year 1 Lemurs you would select year 0 from the year dropdown, Sting Rays from the Form dropdown and New Form for September as the student attribute and click choose.



From the dropdown next to check all you would select LEM---Lemurs (this area shows the abbreviation and the description you added when creating your form group), click Check All and then scroll down to the bottom and update.  Once complete in the Current Form Group column it should still show SR and in 2021 Form Group it should show as LEM.


You can also assign year groups in bulk here (using New Year for September as the student attribute) however the Year End will automatically roll all students up one year if this is not complete.  


Check Next Year’s Form Groups

Once the form groups have been assigned you are able to check that students are in the correct groups by going to Reporting > Reports > Students (tab) > Next Year’s Form Groups.  



Add Destination Schools and Assign These in Bulk

You can add new Destination Schools via Admin > Config > Destination School Set Up.  Please check this area first to see if the school you require is already entered on the system.

Once added you can then assign these destination schools in bulk to your leavers by going to Admin > Students > Group Updater - changing the student attribute to destination school.  You can also set leaving dates in bulk here by changing the student attribute to date of leaving.


Create CTF’s in Bulk

Once the destination schools have been set you can create CTF’s in bulk by going to Admin > Students > Export CTF > Full CTF - select the destination school from the dropdown and click choose. Then select the students required (or check all) and generate CTF at the bottom.

You are able to send the CTF’s without assigning the Destination School.  To do this go to Admin > Students > Export CTF > Full CTF - do not select a school from the preset destination dropdown but instead type in the LEA and ESTAB number of the school and select the curriculum year of the students required and choose - this will list all students in the year group selected so that you can tick the required students and export the CTF.



Add Admissions Students

If you have received an ATF file with your new September admissions students you can add this via Admin > Students > Full ATF/CTF Importer.  


Once uploaded, click to import the students required. You will need to click import next to each student who is join your school to add their record. 

Alternatively you can add these students manually by going to Admin > Students > Add Student Manually.  Once added as long as the students have a future entry date they will appear in Admin > Students > Admissions.

In this area you can update information in bulk for these students such as their form group for next year or their entry date.  Please be advised when entering students this way to add their year group as the year they would be in now, for example if a student will be entering Reception in September add them in now as -1 so when Year End is actioned they will move up one year into Reception.

 If you have a CSV file with your admissions students, if it matches exactly to the headings in Admin > Students > Admissions  > Import CSV you can import this here.

Please be advised for future students to appear in reports you will need to set their admissions status to enrolled in this area.  To do this go to Admin > Students > Admissions click onto bulk update admissions, change student attribute to Admissions Status and choose.


Select enrolled from the dropdown box next to check all, click check all and then update students at the bottom to save.  


By setting this status to enrolled this will also ensure that the students will show in the Register on their first day of term.

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