Parent(s) are not receiving emails from the school

Parent(s) are not receiving emails from the school.

Do the contacts have their contact status showing i.e. Contact 1 or 2?

Do the contacts have permission to receive emails?


The school has sent a message but it still hasn’t arrived. The sender has already sent it  again but it still doesn’t arrive either. I do receive other new messages from others though.

Check that the email you have is correct and there are no erroneous spaces.

Check the junk/spam folder. This one might be obvious but can be easily overlooked. If it is in the spam/junk folder, add the school as a contact which will whitelist the sender email.

Search for messages received today. If you have rules configured to sort your mail automatically, it could be that the message has been moved to another folder or even been deleted.

Does the parents email provider have a set limit on their emails. This may stop emails with attachments being delivered.

Consult online troubleshooting with the provider. ie google mail support


Collecting your mail on multiple computers or a mobile phone

If you have your mailbox configured on multiple computers or mobile devices (laptop, tablet, mobile phone, etc…), check if the message has arrived on any of those computers. If so, it could indicate an issue with your current mail configuration on that device.



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